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The Jewel of Vernonburg

Every so often, a home will come on the market that is special.  There is something different about it.  Its individual assets are each desirable, but as a whole, they are more.  Together, the individual pieces come together to create wonder – to create a lifestyle, if you will.  Such a home exists in the private, waterfront town of Vernonburg.  Located on the southern tip of Savannah, Vernonburg is indeed its own, small town.  It has its own mayor.  There are no gates.  It is not locked away behind fences.  You do have to know which road to take, as there are few signs, but Vernonburg can be found if you put your mind to it.  Its residents are unique and many have been here for generations; they chose Vernonburg because they wanted their families to enjoy the best waterfront lifestyle Savannah has to offer.  They know each other.  They go boating together.  They enjoy drinks on each other’s docks.  Their children play together and have the run of the town.  Afternoons are spent with family and friends.   Some will fish off of their docks while their children sail in the Vernon River.  Others will enjoy a cold drink with friends on their boats as the sun sets.  This is Vernonburg.

Of all the homes in Vernonburg, one stands out.  It’s just a little bit larger, a little more stately, and a little more complete.  The address is 703 Dancy Avenue.  It has everything one could want in a waterfront home.  Its dock is fabulous.  In addition to having multiple boat slips, it has its own hoist to raise your prized possession out of the salty water of the Vernon River.  It is perfect for entertaining, and for living the waterfront dream.  Its wraparound porches hearken to a day of times gone by, with impressive views of the water, children playing in the yard, and breathtaking sunsets.

The home is built around two massive chimneys which provide ten functioning fireplaces within.  In the winter, these come alive and create a wonderful ambiance that is addictive.  There are twin parlors for entertaining, separated by a very large foyer which runs from the front of the home to the back.  When weather permits, one can open the front and back doors of the hall, allowing the gentle, cooling ocean breezes to flow through the home.   There is a formal dining room, a library with a wet bar, a casual dining room, a laundry room, and a beautiful, gourmet kitchen as well.   It’s hard to imagine all of this is on just the second floor of the home.

On the third floor, you will find three oversize bedrooms.  Their doors are wooden and thick.  Each has a fireplace for warmth and its own private bath.  There’s also an office which overlooks the river.  Open its exterior door, and ocean breezes continue to cool.  One can only imagine afternoon naps on a lazy, Sunday afternoon as everyone rests after a big lunch.

To the surprise of many, there is more.  A staircase takes you from the second floor to the first, where the owners have created another entire residence for visitors, complete with its own gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, and walk-in humidor.  Many have never stepped foot in such a place.  It is so rustic and so inviting, one can imagine refusing to come upstairs when called by the host for dinner, opting instead to rest in front of a fireplace and relax and drink wine.

Outside, Dancy delights with rooftop decks, porches, gardens, a greenhouse, a four position carport, a circular drive lined with palms, and a stunning yard for entertaining and play under the light of a large, raised torch.  There is plenty of room to store kayaks and bicycles under the porches, in addition there is an outdoor fire pit with seating – a perfect way to cap the evening in the fall’s moonlight.

703 Dancy is not for everyone.  To most, it is out of reach.  To some, it will be too much work.  Not all will take advantage of all the water has to offer.  But there are those who will read this, who will see the photographs, who will watch the video, who will get this, and who will get Dancy.  They will call, they will tour the home, and they will want the lifestyle.  And for one, special person one person or family, Dancy will be theirs to enjoy for generations.


  • Dock with Hoist
  • Dock Slips
  • Lounge & Kitchenette on Dock
  • Firepit in Yard
  • Fire Feature
  • Greenhouse
  • Covered Carport with 4 Spaces
  • Side Garden
  • Under-porch storage
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Wood-Paneled Library
  • Wet Bar
  • Wrap-around Porch
  • Rooftop Deck
  • Office with Waterfront Views
  • Laundry Room
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 5.5 Baths
  • Wine Cellar with Climate Control
  • Formal & Informal Dining Rooms
  • Individual Guest Suite on Ground Level
  • Guest Suite with Gourmet Kitchen
  • Walk-in Humidor
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