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Historic Savannah Homes

Historic Savannah HomesMany people associate Savannah with beautiful historic homes, and rightly so. historic Savannah homes are a source of pride for Savannah residents and a source of inspiration for visitors and future residents. The historic Savannah homes located here are distinctly beautiful and retain the charm and dignity of a bygone era. The residential properties of the Historic Landmark District share a space of about 3 miles with retail properties and the beloved squares that make up the Historic Downtown’s landscape. By incorporating retail spaces with residential spaces, property and homeowners have managed to maximize usable space while maintaining the integrity and character of the building itself. The Historic District is currently host to restored historic homes, historic homes in need of restoration, and newly crafted homes, all which seamlessly blend to form the essence of the Historic Landmark District.

Other historic neighborhoods include the Victorian District, Savannah’s first suburb, and don’t pass up the West NOG neighborhood located in the Landmark Historic District. For those looking for something a little farther away from the bustle of downtown but still within a 5 minute drive, there is the neighborhood of Gordonston, one of the city’s oldest suburbs. It rests on a triangle between Skidaway Road on the south, Pennsylvania Avenue on the East and Gwinnett on the north. 


Dine: The Grey, Garibaldi’s, The Collins Quarter
Do: Walk and shop on River Street. Smith Brothers Butcher Shop. Find your favorite square
See: The entire Historic District is a Landmark, but don’t miss St. John’s Cathedral or Factor’s Walk.

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