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Historic Beaufort Homes

Old Point and Riverview

Historic Beaufort homes are best known for their antebellum style overlooking down over the waterfront. The Historic District is composed of two main areas, Old Point and Riverview. Both of these neighborhoods contain a mix of sprawling plantation manors and cozy cottages. Old Point, or “The Point,” as it’s also called, is situated on a peninsula. This means that the neighborhood is surrounded by water; in this case, the Beaufort River, while the Business District of Downtown Beaufort is at the entrance to the peninsula. The historic real estate available in Old Point spans a range of sizes and price, so that anyone can find a beautiful historic Beaufort home here.

Riverview, which includes the Business District of Beaufort, while slightly busier than Old Point, is still a sedate neighborhood with properties that include river views, large yards, and homes of all sizes. Much of the older, historic parts of Beaufort have been restored, so that they have retained their historic integrity without sacrificing modern conveniences for a homeowner. This streets of Riverview are quiet and calm, and walking to shops and restaurants, or even down to the Riverwalk Plaza, is common for most residents. Larger stores, facilities and schools are within easy driving distance of Riverview as well as Old Point.

Golf courses that rival any in the world are nearby with stunning marsh views on nearly ever hole. Beaufort’s rich military tradition is reflected at its three military installations, a boom to the local economy and to our national security. Nearby Port Royal residents enjoy the same hospitality and world-class dining and amenities in their scenic port town as their neighbors in Beaufort.

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