Cora Bett Thomas Realty & Associates



Cora Bett Thomas (Founder, Chairman) Cora Bett Thomas is a powerhouse in Georgia and South Carolina real estate. With almost four decades of real estate sales and ownership under her belt, Cora Bett is virtually famous. No matter where she goes, Cora Bett almost always runs into someone she knows. In 2011, Cora Bett contracted the West Nile virus, one of only three cases reported in Georgia that year. The disease brought her to the brink of death. Over the next several years, amongst the most challenging of times in the real estate market, Cora Bett fought her way back to health and success. 

Heather Booth (President) Heather lists and sells real estate throughout the greater Savannah area as a top-producing sales associate with Cora Bett Thomas Realty & Associates. She specializes in representing both buyers and sellers in residential, income-producing, investment, historic, waterfront and luxury properties. Heather has an extensive background in family and community programs as well as social service. She is an active volunteer with local church youth activities and homeless shelters. She and her family live in Savannah’s Historic District near Warren Square.


Susan Kornegay (Compliance & Re-location Director) Associate Broker Susan Kornegay has played a key role in the success of the company. As 2015 Georgia Real Estate Educator of the Year, Susan has developed the company’s agents into one of the highest trained workforces in the South, and the relocation department that she directs has grown into one of the most successful in the region. As a highly accredited broker and trainer, Susan helps guide the company’s expansion while ensuring the integrity and expertise of its agents.


Les Harley (Director of Digital Systems) As the most important figure in the development of the scalable platforms that have helped propel the company’s growth, Les Harley has overseen all aspects of integration and digital growth across virtually every platform within the company. His experiences as a former United States Marine, combined with knowledge of technology, give him the perfect temperament in the company’s fast paced environment.

Richard Coomer (Financial Controller) – Richard Coomer is one of the leading certified public accountants in and throughout Savannah, Georgia. As financial advisor, Richard oversees all financial decisions made within the company.


Melissa Brown (Finance Support) – Melissa Brown is the direct interface between Cora Bett Thomas Realty and its accountants. She is responsible for overseeing and researching virtually every dollar that comes into and leaves the company.


Liz Davenport (Corporate HR, Savannah Operations Manager) – Liz’s corporate background in hiring employees for Amazon landed her squarely in the path of Cora Bett Thomas Realty. Liz carries the dual role of human resource and operations management for both Georgia and South Carolina. Not only is she responsible for overseeing all aspects of employment, she is also responsible for virtually every written procedure, policy, and system that guide’s the company.


Zach Kozdron – (Online Brand Manager, GA & SC) Zach is responsible for the overall digital branding and web identity of the company. In addition, Zach oversees the Cora Bett Thomas web presence and digital customer experience, including online ad campaigns, SEO management, content creation and overall web site design and user experience.


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